Some Testimonials from some of the great clients we have worked with.

Riptide Movement

The Riptide Movement

A great pleasure working with Andrew and CEB at Irish festivals. Stage management and hospitality were top notch.
– Gerry Brady – FOH Riptide Movement

The Wolf Tones

The Wolfe Tones

The service provided by CEB is superb. The Wolfe Tones look forward to working with Andrew and the team on both national and international shows in the future.
Tommy Byrne – The Wolfe Tones

pump up the jam

Pump Up The Jam

We’ve had Andrew and Steve at CEB book many gigs for us over the years. CEB are a pleasure to deal with and always a bit of a laugh too! All gigs are contracted and business is dealt with honourably.

Highly recommended

Manager – Pump Up The Jam

Jack L

Jack L

Only good things to say about working Internationally and domestically with Andrew and CEB. As a musician himself Andrew has a great understanding of all sides of the industry. Artists are employed to do their work in a professional manner and should be treated accordingly in return venues are expected to pay promptly and in full for these provided services. In essence its sounds simple but in practise it rarely is. CEB ensure that this happens smoothly, regularly and efficiently. A minor miracle!

Martin Clancy – Jack L Management



“We have been working for CEB for the last 3 years, in this time we have found CEB a pleasure to deal with, the work is consistent and the payments are always on time. The level of professsionalism from the CEB Team is second to none. We look forward to our future going forward with CEB.”

Rattle and Hum

Rattle & Hum

“Rattle and Hum have dealt with CEB for many years and we have found them to be an absolute pleasure to deal with from enquiry to gig completion. We would recommend CEB to all bands no matter how big or small.”

Damien Dempsey

Damien Dempsey

“Howyiz!! Just want t’drop yiz a line to say thanks to Andrew at CEB from myself and the band for lookin’ after us at the Bray Festival… it was a tricky one, with the seafront road runnin’ thru the gig… but all went very well for both the band and the two crowds!! The one at the gig, and the one across the street..! Ha! A pleasure workin’ with yiz, we’ll do it again deffo… GERRUPP!!”

The Gpsys

Celtic Gypsys

“The Gypsys enjoy working with CEB, they are descent guys running a great service both to venues and bands. we have found them effecient, helpful, easy to work with, the only agency that we allow book for us, we hope to retain our working relationship for many years. Sound lads juggling a very large jigsaw with ease, wit and a genuine love for music.”