Revenge Band

Imagine a world where you can leave your worries outside the door? Imagine a place where fun is the number one aim. A place where the music is king. Welcome to the wonderful world of Revenge. Four men , one stage and just the tools to create layers of music that will send you skyward and entertain the socks off you.

You have no choice but to go with it and enjoy yourself because for two hours you belong to Revenge. Sometimes there’s so much energy and determination on stage that these guys literally explode.

Great rock music, soaring melodies, 110% entertainment and two hours of fun fun fun. Make sure you go see Revenge soon before they go intergalactic.

Recently the band provided the music and arrangement to the Pat Fitz single ‘Whatever gets You Home’ which reached number six in the Irish charts.

Revenge are:
Keith Woodgate-lead vocals and general mayhem
Ray Kennedy-drums, vocals and lots of loud banging
Sean Flynn-thumping bass guitar and mischief
Mark”whiskey”Kelly-walls of guitars and poses