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Party Bands

Jelly Bean
CSI Dave Kelly
Hot rocks Andy
Sure Fire Roy
Lady Vegas Vikki
Rewired Robbie
Runaway Baby Neville
Fire Star Nigel
Santoria Shane
Knight Shift Mick
Jaker Neil
Big Digger Keith
A Team Dave
Harleys Gary
Nine Inch Trio Brendan
Ultra Violet Derek
Bog O the Lough Alan
Retronauts David
Full House Richie
Breakers John
Corvettes Graham
Blurred Lines
Gorilla radio
Blue Moose
White Water
Bionic Rats
Catch 22
Deuces Wild
Big Gen

Solo Acts

Shane Butler
Elliot Bridge
Jamie Duff
Roy Shields
Paul Harrison
Ray Lanigan
Paul Anderson
Paul Lyttle
Craig Gallaher
John Walsh
Johnny Adams
John Fitz
Colm O Neill
Rob Reid
Simon Francis
Gary J
David Merriman
Austin Monks
Chris Barry
Chris Lewis
Alan Dee
Mick Mc Donnell
Jay Hickey

Two Piece Bands

Pacino Brothers
Gold Records
Les Paul
Stone Cold
Aoife Kelly
Dream House
The Shapes
Sure Fire Duo
Lost Boys
The Chase
The Sinners
Get Ready go
Fellow Pilgrams
Minor Variation

Tribute Bands

George Michael (Norris Stephens)
Michael Jackson Tribute
Classic 80’s
Freddie Mercury
Johnny Cash
Joshua Tree
The Reflex
Glitter Bugs
Catch a Fire
Queen Experience
Christy Moore Tribute
Luke Kelly Tribute
Garth Brooks Tribute
Green Floyd